May 14, 2011

Tattoo - 'Pete and Petunia' Joe Quinones

When I heard that 'tattoo' was going to be one of the drawing themes here, my first thoughts went to little Pete's dancing girl tattoo, Petunia, from the 1990's television show, Pete and Pete. I ran with it.

Dance, Petunia, dance!


  1. Yes-s-s! Fun likenesses, sir. Where's Arnie? :) Believe it or not, a P&P homage was on my list of possibilities, too! I'm glad I didn't go ahead with the idea; yours is much better than mine would've been!

  2. Oops, reference error. Make that, "Where's Artie?"

  3. I think Petunia will forever be my definitive Tattoo association for the rest of my life. I even have a tattoo (not Petunia) and I still think of Pete and Pete.