Mar 22, 2011

Cyberpunk, Dean Trippe

Played around with the colors on this one for a while. Started off 90s-X-Men-villain-Phalanx-gold, ended up 80s-Tron-OG-style-blue-and-gray. Hope you dig.

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Dean Trippe
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Mar 21, 2011

Cyberpunk, Ming Doyle

I was aiming to capture both the dingy high fashion and the eerie ultra-realness of worlds within microchips that I think are inherent to cyberpunk works here. I had a lot of fun in the attempt, but I dearly enjoy this crusty, cutting edge genre. I'd make a thousand more drawings in this vein if time and my unmodified, woefully cybernetic-free physiology only allowed!

- Ming Doyle

Cyberpunk - Jake Parker

Perfect inaugural topic for Bristolwhip. I'm loving everyone's take on it. Here's mine:

The Cyber Punk

Mohawk: check
Leather Jacket: check
Android Body Parts: check
Neon Lighting: check
Futuristic-ish Vehicle: check

And I threw in an 7th Gen iPad for good measure.

Okay, I think I covered everything.

Cyberpink - Mike Maihack

Fun first topic, Joel! Mine is probably more punk than cyber and more pink than punk, but hopefully still fits the subject. I enjoyed trying to sketch something up fairly quickly.

Cyberpunk, Paul Maybury

When I was invited to do this, I whined about how I was too busy to jump on the bandwagon right away and do the first topic. "I'm in between deadlines, I don't know where my clean socks are, I'm moving and blah blah."

Then, out of nowhere, I ended up drawing this as a warm up sketch. I believe I was the first to complete this week's assignment too. I'm pretty confident that I will never turn in something early again, let alone on time.


Cyberpunk by Calamity Jon ...

I hate to admit it, but I don't really know much about Cyberpunk - I remember reading Neuromancer many years back, and I have a vague (and probably messed up) understanding of the fashion from that Keanu Reeves movie (not the big famous trilogy, but the other much disrespected one), but I'm going to trust what I learned from playing Shadowrun and watching the old Aeon Flux that "Weirdos infiltrating the datastream" counts. 

Cyberpunk, Thomas Perkins

As we we thinking on matters of cyberpunks, I was taking a ramble down memory lane and did a doodle of a character based an old friend of mine who was a fiend for the genre when we were back in college. Cheers

Cyberpunk-Joel Carroll


Cyberpunk is such a funny term. It implies the future, but it's the future from the 80's.
So, no matter how futuristic "cyberpunk" is, it'll never be a wireless future..ahahah